5 Special Natural Moisturizing Dry Scalp

Hi all, this time I will tell you my experience about dry scalp. One year ago my scalp is very dry, I do not know why. An assortment of shampoo I use already, but have not produced results. I raised many questions in the forums regarding this issue but no avail. Why has not cured my scalp? Apparently my bad habit is rarely clean the hair. I sometimes wash once a week, apparently it makes my scalp is very dry. I am busy with the organization so do not pay attention scalp health.

Dry scalp is very prone to cause problems in healthy hair. Besides causing dandruff, hair is also so easy to fall off. Carefully later be bald if not maintained. Do not worry if this happens to you dry skin. You can do a scalp treatment at home by using some natural moisturizer which can moisturizes the scalp so that the scalp and hair will be healthier.

Here it is a moisturizer that can make your scalp so it's fresh:
1 Honey and Olive Oil
What honey and olive oil are consumed? Hoho, this will not be eaten honey but in a massage of the scalp with warm olive oil is pure and mix with about two tablespoons of pure honey. Let stand for 10 minutes and then wash it by shampoo herbal hair and cover with a towel so that the scalp becomes moist. Honey and olive oil is very good to be used as a natural moisturizer for dry scalp overcome.

2 Tea tree oil
Tea tree oil is very good for moisturizing the scalp. How to use it is to mix five to ten drops of tea tree oil with water. Then rinse the hair using a mixture of water after using the shampoo

3. Lemon extract
lemon mixed with a few tablespoons of honey or olive oil. Then pour it into the scalp with a soothing massage. Lemon extract is also one of the ingredients to make healthy scalp to avoid dandruff and moisturize your scalp.

4 Apple Vinegar
Just like the other apple vinegar is also one of the alternative materials to be used as a conditioner. The benefit is that moisturize the scalp and makes the hair more lustrous healthier.

5. Coconut oil, grapefruit and lemon juice
As for how to use coconut oil that is heated and when cold mix with grapefruit and lemon juice. Then pour it into the scalp and massage gently. Using this material makes the skin soft and healthy head.

Similarly, a brief article about a good natural moisturizer for the scalp to avoid dry skin that can affect the appearance and health. Hopefully this article useful, please share this article so that other friends who may benefit from these materials.

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